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Launder Terracotta Pots By Artsteel Wrought Iron

How to Launder Terracotta Pots

Can save a summer porch.
Follow my directions below for one quick method to white wash a terra cotta pot.
Terra Cotta Pot
Bristle paint brush
Surface protector
I use a garbage bag
Paper towels
White paint
Acrylic or leftover wall paint works great too.

1. Water your white paint down just a bit, so it is runny enough to run off your brush slightly. A little bit of paint goes a long way with this project.

2. Dab your brush on paper towels until most of the wetness is left on the towel. You want your brush to still have paint on it, but to be mostly dry.

3. In no particular fashion, streak the white paint onto the terra cotta pot, working in small sections at a time.

4. Once you’ve painted a small section on, quickly wipe the paint with a paper towel. This blends the strokes of the brush and gives the pot a white washed look rather than a white painted look.

5. Paint and wipe the inside of the pot just until where you intend to fill it with soil.

Once you have painted and wiped, it should be dry and ready for you to fill with soil and plant.

These pots look great grouped together!

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